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Today: Gawler, Australia - Feb 17 at Gawler Fringe Opening Event
about 4 days ago | @DinoJag

Press Cuts

  • “The song ‘Calling All The Saints’ is not only for a good cause, but it’s a darn good song, at that. I highly recommend you download this song to support those suffering from the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake. You won’t regret it because you’ll also become an owner of one really fantastic song.”Dan MacIntosh, antiMusic
  • “’Calling All the Saints’ is haunting, melodic, thought provoking and plain amazing. Dino Jag has a voice that is easy to listen to, and has been compared to Jason Mraz and Gavin DeGraw.”Yvonne M. Stegall, Yahoo! Voices
  • “Once in awhile, an artist has a calling that seems to go beyond the work of art itself.. It may very well be that his greatest success will come from ‘Calling All The Saints’.. Emotionally, his vocals attached to the lyrics effortlessly while delivering a universal cry for help.”Marcel Hidalgo, Huffington Post
  • “John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Eric Hutchinson all revolve around the emblematic softness of their musical style. ‘Dino Jag’ takes this approach to equally grand lengths. ‘Calling All the Saints’… a contagiously likable song, with a powerful lead hook and a brilliant showcasing of Dino Jag’s vocal prowess.”Ryan Merkel, The Levity Ball
  • “Dino Jag is a talented singer-songwriter.. ‘Calling All The Saints’ is a great song that should be purchased and spread to the masses.” Senseitional, I Am Entertainment
  • “’Calling All The Saints’ is song that is full of heart and genuine empathy towards the victims of the Haiti earthquakes… Dino Jag should definitely be proud of not only what it’s done for his career, but what it’s done to help the victims and their families. I’d definitely recommend this song for fans of Radiohead, Bruno Mars or Damien Rice.”Monolith Sound
  • “His voice isn’t unlike a harmony between Adam Levine and Chris Martin which is a great thing.” Daniel Davidson-Amadi, Music News
  • “Dino Jag, a pop artist of Bruno Mars ability.”Caitlin Hoffman, Bigger Than Beyonce
  • “His vocals have soul, reminiscent of Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Even though artists should not be compared to other artists, the comparison is suitable so American fans can get a sense of what this artist sounds like.. His music is upbeat and can play on just about any radio around the world.” Indie Music Reviews
  • “’Calling All The Saints’, has its indubitable intrinsic merits. The song could quite comfortably sit on any Billboard chart, alongside many works by Dino’s more emblazoned counterparts. This single is one-of-a-kind, a rare bird. It raises the bar for the indie pop music industry, and is a must-have for any gender, and any age.” Rick Jamm, Jam Sphere
  • “Dino Jag is one of those artists who continuously pours a lot into his work. One can hear this passion exuding from his music.”Kyle Jarmon, Examiner
  • “Oxfam America is grateful for Dino Jag’s efforts in using his song ‘Calling All The Saints’ to raise money and awareness for our work in Haiti. We often say that we believe that music can help change the world, and I think Dino’s efforts are a great example of just that.”Bob Ferguson | Manager, Creative Alliances & Music Outreach, Oxfam America
  • “His exuberant energy comes pouring through his music.. Look out for Dino Jag as he gets set to hit the worldwide stage!”Jordannah Elizabeth, VZ Magazine
  • “He is a multi-dimensional artist, and he has proven that he is more than an artist who can only create radio favorites.”Band Blurb
  • “‘Calling All The Saints’ is an inspirational song for the inspirational people in Haiti. Great lyrics and awesome imagery in your video…Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.”Villages of Hope Haiti
  • “Your song ‘Calling All The Saints’ rocks = seriously a goodie. Good melody line, good structure and good vocals.”Lisa D. Smith, Big Blend Radio & Magazine
  • “Good to hear the funky vibe alive and well down in SA.”Ben King, Bondi FM - Sydney, Australia
  • “I have shared with our listeners Dino Jag’s version of ‘Play That Funky Music.’ I must say that I am impressed and so was another of our presenters Nick Pollock who played it on the New Music Hour.”Dave White, Presenter “Hot off the Presses Hour”, Voice FM – Ballarat, Australia
  • “‘Play That Funky Music’ sounds superb.”Craig Williams, Afan FM - United Kingdom
  • “On the Top 20 playlist! [Play That Funky Music]”Kamil Wołczyński, Akademickie Radio - Poland
  • “I have put Play That Funky Music on the recommended play list. Personally, I think it’s FANTASTIC!!!!”Brett Prince, 5YYY FM - South Australia
  • “‘Twenty Four Seven’ puts the man in a different light and shows him as very capable song crafter with quite a voice and the ability to carry some nice smooth rhythms along to the music. I am glad I had a chance to hear this song as well because now I know that there is a lot more to this artist.