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Adelaide Remembered Jon English With An Outstanding Concert

It was a wonderful honor to be a part of this special concert that payed homage to Jon English on the first anniversary of his sudden and unexpected death. Jon left an incredible legacy behind with his contribution to Australian music, theatre and television.

I have vivid memories as a young child putting vinyl records onto my parents turntable, one in particular which was a compilation record that included the song Hollywood Seven which I would often pretend to be sing along to with my hairbrush in hand serving double duty as a microphone! It was certainly a surreal moment for me to then find myself on a stage singing this song as a duet with Peter Cupples at the concert.

The night featured memorable performances from singers and musicians from across Australia, including members of Jon’s original band, all there to share there stories and pay respects to a great Aussie icon. The concert was also filmed so I look forward to sharing some of the footage with you when it becomes available.


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