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How I Got to Sing on a Recording with Sir Paul McCartney!

Rusty Anderson & Paul McCartney

(Pictured: Rusty Anderson and Paul McCartney)

In 2004.. I was signed to the indie record label “Blue Pie” who were based in Sydney. They started getting me to work on all kinds of recording projects with artists that I would’ve never imagined working with.

One day I get a call from the label about a new project they wanted me to work on. It was about a song called ‘Hurt Myself’ by an artist named Rusty Anderson. ‘Hurt Myself’ was the lead track off Rusty’s debut solo album ‘Undressing Underwater’ which had just been released. And to be perfectly honest, I had no idea who Rusty Anderson was at that time so I started doing some research.

As it turned out.. Rusty Anderson was a highly sought after guitarist & singer-songwriter from the US who had appeared on recordings with Elton John, New Radicals, Willie Nelson, Sinéad O’Connor, The Wallflowers, Jewel, Santana, Stevie Nicks, Joe Cocker… to name but a few! And remember that unforgettable surf guitar riff in Ricky Martin’s smash hit ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’? Yep, that was his trademark contribution too!
Hurt Myself Cover Art
But then I also discovered.. Rusty Anderson was (& still is) the lead guitarist in the Paul McCartney Band! And not only that.. Paul McCartney was playing bass AND singing backing vocals on ‘Hurt Myself’ with his band.. the song the label wanted me to work on!

Reality check moment.. So I’m like.. what? You want ME to work on a remake of the lead track off of Rusty Anderson’s solo debut album which also features Sir Paul McCartney and his band.. are you serious?

“Why me?” I hear you asking.. Well, around that time, I was also working on other recording projects for the record label where they had me producing alternate versions of songs by other recording artists. The label would give me the original recording of a song and I would work on producing a re-make of that song which they could re-release.. and they really liked the vibe of the kinda stuff I was coming up with.

So, as a flow-on from all that.. I was invited to work on producing a more upbeat remake of ‘Hurt Myself’ which the label wanted to release separately as a new single. So off I went..

I guess you could say I got to sing with one of The Beatles!

Okay, so we weren’t physically together in the studio at the same time… but still, I actually got to perform and sing on a recording with Sir Paul McCartney and his band.. and that still blows my mind! I really can’t describe to you the feelings that I experienced as I worked on this track knowing that I was contributing new musical parts and backing vocals to a recording that also featured Sir Paul McCartney with his band!

Here’s the remake of ‘Hurt Myself’ that was released.. 

As planned, the song was released as a single and has also since been released on numerous music compilations around the world. The song also became part of an initiative called “The Hurt Myself Project” which at the time was linked to the “Nelson Mandela 46664 Foundation” to help those affected with AIDS, and their families, in South Africa.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this story with you.. because every now and then I get asked, “How did you get to sing on a recording with Sir Paul McCartney?”

Well, now you know!

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