Meet Dino Jag

Ok, here’s the deal. In a nutshell, it kinda goes like this…

I’m just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary desire to sing, write, record & perform music. I’m constantly growing and evolving as an artist and I think I’m just starting to find my Mojo 

I am committed to giving my best… to hopefully contribute something of value to those that I come into contact with… to share my passion with as many people as I can around the globe… and maybe even inspire and move a few people along the way!

Having the opportunity to connect with you through music is what really, REALLY excites me.. that’s what keeps me up late at night!

So thank you so much for being here.. because without you it would all be kinda meaningless somehow.

Dino Jag

Dino Jag

  • “With vocals that embrace something of both Adam Levine and Chris Martin, Australian Dino Jag’s six-track EP ‘Breakthrough’ is brimming with dynamism, even on the slower and darker numbers.” Sarah, Blog Critics
  • “The combined musical forces make Dino Jag an absolute powerhouse. His brilliant sound is brought to life with a captivating vibrancy that pulls you in listen after listen.” Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery
  • “The energy exerted by Australia’s Dino Jag is catchy, quirky, and cool. On his latest EP, ‘Breakthrough’, this six song collection is everything from sweet to succulent. This precious Down Under transplant proves that music can move the world.” Niki Gatewood, Quiet Lunch
  • “The South Australian singer has energy in spades and pipes to support it. It’s the kind of music that would be given a standing ovation on a talent show like ‘The Voice’.” Chris Kompanek, The Huffington Post
  • “Dino’s brand new EP ‘Breakthrough’, a huge milestone in his musical career, was fittingly recorded at one of the best recording studios in the world, the Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood… You definitely don’t want to miss out on this.” Lawrence, Good Mo Music
  • “’Breakthrough’ is immaculately produced pop. Dino Jag perfectly executes his ode to love.” Jon C. Ireson,
  • “Dino Jag’s new ‘Breakthrough’ EP captures your imagination from the start and is a strong, distinctive addition to the Pop Rock/Adult Contemporary genre.” NY Hollywood
  • “His new track “You Make Me Feel So Good” is an upfront feel good song. Once you start listening to it, you’ll want to hear more.” Melanie Gomez, Indie Music
  • “With a similar sound as Jason Mraz, his feel good lyrics and melodic, unique vocals, are making him very popular in the Australian Pop scene.” Wail Music Magazine
  • “Jag’s exuberant energy effortlessly shines on every song.” Karen Benardello,
  • “Dino Jag sings poppy, catchy lyrics that you could easily imagine crowds singing along to.” Will White, Pure M Magazine
  • “Dino Jag’s EP ‘Breakthrough’ is an accomplished release that should establish his reputation internationally. It’s full of catchy pop anthems.” Anya Wassenberg,
  • “Dino Jag is a musician who has clearly cracked the code for pop songwriting, and he winningly replicates this formula six times over the course of the simply enjoyable ‘Breakthrough’ EP.” Cody Conrad, The Big Takeover
  • “Overall, with ‘Breakthrough’, Dino Jag has released an excellent EP that I would highly recommend checking out. You definitely won’t be disappointed.” Matt Richards, The Real Mr Housewife
  • “’Breakthrough’ brings the listener a soul filled, wonderfully produced, six track EP that you will definitely be repeating in your car or at home or work for a long time to come. The award-winning vocalist truly taps into his pure nature with Breakthrough and you see his musical vision flow to life.” Sydney Paschall, Compose Yourself Magazine
  • “We are all about to be under his spell. Take a listen.” Wesley Butler, Subba-Cultcha
  • “Welcome South Australian’s rock n’ roller, Dino Jag! A gem that is finally getting his foot in to every door, world wide.” Lady Sen, eTalks Online
  • “His latest single, ‘Two Young Hearts,’ sounds like it could back a commercial due to the fact it is so damn catchy.” Punchland
  • “Feisty retro-pop!” Kevin Mathews, Power Of Pop
  • “Stop what you’re doing, get out of your seat and prepare to jam your heart out with Dino Jag and his new single ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’.” Joshua (J.Smo) Smootherman, MTM
  • “The acclaimed Australian pop singer/songwriter who previously impressed with “Two Young Hearts” finds more success here on “You Make Me Feel So Good”, which I find even more infectious.” Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound
  • “Jag drops off his latest upbeat anthem titled, “You Make Me Feel So Good.” Guitar driven, with heavy Blues undertones, Dino’s vocals are the breakout star of this show.” AR, We Run The Underground
  • “Energetic and delicious Breakthrough, to make you feel so good with this bluesy pop with a head spinning funky hook!” The Dutch Guy
  • “The latest offering from South Australia’s Dino Jag truly feels like 2016’s equivalent of Steve Earls’ Copperhead Road, equalling passion with raucous guitar interplay.” The Music Network
  • “His voice possesses a special touch, an invisible aura that pulls you into the world created by his lyrics and decorated by the music and his voice. I can only say: watch out world!” Wolf In A Suit
  • “He certainly possesses an appeal that is far-reaching and rather impressive. If his success thus far is any indication, he could be on his way to a wildly successful international career.” Jessica Ourisman, Impose Magazine
  • “’Two Young Hearts,’ showcases a set of contagious pop and rock tunes that is also notable of Jag’s vocal range and showmanship.” My Nguyen, The Celebrity Cafe
  • “Known for his music within the international music spectrum, listeners in the United States will definitely be catching on to his unique and contagious sound.” The Music Court
  • “This is DOPE new music from acclaimed Australian Pop artist Dino Jag entitled ‘Two Young Hearts’.” Carlton Boyd, Dope Cause We Said
  • “To become a true success, music has to be a passion not a chore. So in our eyes, Dino Jag is on a very good path.” Melanie Gomez, Celeb Mix
  • “Pop gold. It’s as if the chorus hitched a ride on a hot air balloon and just kept floating higher and higher…and higher into sugary pop awesomeness [Two Young Hearts].” Sam Buck, Milk Crater
  • “Australian pop artist Dino Jag is making a name for himself on an international scale, first with ‘Calling All The Saints’ which topped the most- purchased list for Oxfam America’s Music For Good program, and now with his brand spankin’ new single ‘Two Young Hearts’.” Jen Dan, Indie Music Review
  • “Dino Jag is about to take over your ears. “Breaking new grounds, Dino Jag combines harmonious tones with melodic guitars, as they take over the world, one note at a time.” Louise Parker, Paste Magazine
  • “Understanding the worth of vulnerability, and despite the all-star backing and commercial appeal, the track’s resonating moments come from Dino Jag’s distinctive delivery.” The Music Network
  • “His exuberant energy comes pouring through his music.. Look out for Dino Jag as he gets set to hit the worldwide stage!” Jordannah Elizabeth, VZ Magazine
  • “His voice isn’t unlike a harmony between Adam Levine and Chris Martin which is a great thing.” Daniel Davidson-Amadi, Music News
  • “John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Eric Hutchinson all revolve around the emblematic softness of their musical style. ‘Dino Jag’ takes this approach to equally grand lengths. ‘Calling All the Saints’… a contagiously likable song, with a powerful lead hook and a brilliant showcasing of Dino Jag’s vocal prowess.” Ryan Merkel, The Levity Ball

Passion. Energy. Versatility. Talent. This is Dino Jag

“The combined musical forces make Dino Jag an absolute powerhouse. His brilliant sound is brought to life with a captivating vibrancy that pulls you in listen after listen.” Jane Lambert – Modern Mystery

Dino Jag is a South Australian treasure with an unmistakable voice and performance energy who gained much international recognition following the release of his critically acclaimed ‘Breakthrough’ EP in November 2016. Recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood with Grammy Award Winning Producer Jeff Bova at the helm and featuring some of the best in the business, Aaron Sterling (Drums – John Mayer), Corey Britz (Bass – Bush), Tim Pierce (Guitar – Bruce Springsteen), Jeff Bova (Keyboards – Michael Jackson), Carroll Hatchet (Backing Vocals – Bette Midler) & Bernard Fowler (Backing Vocals – The Rolling Stones) becoming another major milestone in Dino’s career.

“The award-winning vocalist truly taps into his pure nature with ‘Breakthrough’ and you see his musical vision flow to life.” Sydney Paschall – Compose Yourself Magazine

As the world began to close down in 2020 Dino began to open up to his fanbase, affectionately known as Jagsters, with video recordings of previously unreleased songs from his home studio, and they really hit a nerve. This led to an online viral video that pushed the release of the single “Can’t Keep Still”. A song with a groove that just would not quit. It became an instant favourite, hitting the number 2 spot on the National AIR Charts, only being held out of the number 1 spot by Kylie Minogue. 

“Dino Jag provided one of the lockdown era’s brightest moments with his slice of funk-pop finesse ‘Can’t Keep Still’, replete with hooks, a refreshingly optimistic kind of energy and aesthetics, and a crowd-sourced dance-a-rama of a music vid.” – Vince Leigh, BMA Magazine

Dino finished 2020 strong with the release of “Christmas Day” enjoying a mountain of radio airplay and setting in motion a viral dance to the song that spilled from Tik Tok to all social media platforms. ‘Christmas Day’ is now clearly set to become a perennial Christmas Classic.

The good times kept rolling in 2021 with the release of “Sweet Summer Smile” as a single which he recorded at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood before the world changed. The song really taps into Dino Jag’s funk/soul influences with an infectious groove and energy that is relentless. 

“Dino Jag has clearly cracked the code for pop songwriting, and he winningly replicates this formula six times over the course of the simply enjoyable ‘Breakthrough’ EP.” Cody Conrad – The Big Takeover

Dino first launched onto the international music arena in 2005 with his unique cover of the 70’s classic, “Play that Funky Music.” The song burned up the charts worldwide, reaching number 8 in Australia and number 34 in Denmark and hit many radio playlists.

He then hit the international spotlight with the release of his song “Calling All The Saints” breaking all records to become the #1 most purchased song on the “Music For Good” program for Oxfam America. With over 3,500 artists from around the world represented on the chart this was quite an achievement and a great testament to his songwriting ability.

The first single off the EP “Two Young Hearts” was awarded second place at the 2016 International Unsigned Music Awards. Selected from over 6,000 entries, the winners represent some of the best unsigned artists worldwide. “You Make Me Feel So Good,” the second single, then started receiving rave reviews around the world crossing music genre borders with its unique blend of soul tinged country, rock and head-spinning funk.

“It’s very rare one song is packed with so much energy and delicious morsels of aurally stimulating goodness.” Joshua Smotherman – MTM 

He has shared the stage with some heavy hitters in the industry including, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Sammy Hagar (Van Halen)Status Quo, Adelaide & Queensland Symphony Orchestras, James Morrison, Steve Vai (David Lee Roth / Whitesnake)Richard Marx, Jon Stevens, Daryl Braithwaite and Ian Moss.

His vocal ability, songwriting flair and production style have also given Dino the opportunity to work on recording projects with Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney Band), Alan Gorrie (Average White Band), Mark King (Level 42) and Carmen Grillo (Tower Of Power).

Nominated “Best Male Vocalist” for three consecutive years at the South Australian Music Industry Awards (SAMIA) while fronting Adelaide funk/rock band Stolen Waters who entered the national charts with their reworking of the Stevie Wonder classic “Superstition.”

Currently a Finalist for the 2021 SAM Awards ‘People’s Choice Award’ in the category of ‘Soul/Funk/R&B Artist’.

Dino embraces music to his very core and continues to shape his career whilst exploring new sounds in his own electrifying way.

“His exuberant energy comes pouring through his music.. Look out for Dino Jag as he gets set to hit the worldwide stage!” Jordannah Elizabeth – VZ Magazine