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Rave Reviews For Dino Jag’s “Breakthrough” EP & Melbourne Show

Dino Jag Live in Melbourne

It was such a buzz doing the first official show in Melbourne at the Ding Dong Lounge promoting my “Breakthrough” EP and presenting the music live “Stripped Back” with Virgil Reality on trumpet & Nick Romano on drums. The night also featured “Field, See & Mason” along with special guest Bloom w/James Morley. It was a sensational night of live music and the audience was absolutely fantastic!

I was stoked to also get this review of my EP and the live show from Australia’s foremost on-line Music mag – tagg  

High Energy – High Intensity – Hi Dino Jag

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  • I fronted the Ding Dong Lounge where Dino was playing and was totally knocked out.Rob Greaves - Toorak Times | TAGG
  • Talk about high intensity and energetic, Dino Jag has it all including the ability to very quickly strike a rapport with his audience.Rob Greaves - Toorak Times | TAGG

Dino Jag at Ding Dong Lounge

Dino Jag “Stripped Back” live at the Ding Dong Lounge (Melbourne) with Virgil Reality on trumpet & Nick Romano on drums 

(photograph courtesy of Sean Clohesy)


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