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Dino Jag — From The Demo Vault
Release date : Nov. 01, 2009
Label : House of Wow!
Format : Digital Download (EP)
  1. Twenty Four Seven
  2. You're The On
  3. No Sense
  4. Different

From The Demo Vault



Discover Dino Jag’s early days as a songwriter with this stash of previously unreleased songs!

Dino Jag has decided to cut loose those great tracks that have been on shelf for a while. And why not? After all the dude can sing a tune and make music that sounds great around all of the lyrics so it makes sense.

“From The Demo Vault (Previously Unreleased)” is a four track EP that focuses on Dino’s great pop voice with irresistible hook filled soundtracks to back it all.

Dino Jag really knows how to carry a tune and get his words over in a big way. Each track has slight variations in presentation, vocal range, and music. Most impressively is the mixture of instruments he utilizes on each track, making each one individual for the listeners.”
– Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

These four songs invite fans into Dino’s early days as a songwriter, and it’s clear that the magic has always been there!”
– Walt Seefeld

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