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Dino Jag — Play That Funky Music
Release date : Dec. 19, 2005
Label : House of Wow!
Format : Digital Download (EP)
  1. Play That Funky Music (Radio Edit)
  2. Play That Funky Music (Electrodelic Mix)
  3. Play That Funky Music (Electrodelic Breakdown Mix)
  4. Play That Funky Music (Electrodelic Instrumental Mix)

Play That Funky Music



Get Your Digital Copy of Dino Jag’s Funkalicious Hit Release of this Classic Track!

There is a fire burning down under and his name is Dino Jag. He is one of those artists that has an internal switch that is set to ‘ON’ at all times. His exuberant energy comes pouring through his music, and never is it more apparent than on Play That Funky Music..

Dino Jag is no stranger to taking a classic song and making it into a dance floor rave up. He first made an impression in this territory with his reworking of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

Dino crosses the threshold of genres and offers two versions of the classic pop tune, the “Original Mix” and “Electrodelic Mix.” Each one has its own characteristics that will appeal to a large cross section of listeners. While relying on the original rhythm and lyrics, the “Original Mix” is a more of traditional electronica meltdown while the “Electrodelic” sounds more futuristic with vocal treatments and rapid-fire rhythms and beats. 

Now another classic is ready for spinning, the one hit wonder Wild Cherry’s tune “Play That Funky Music White Boy” has transformed.

Click the order button below and get your digital copy of Dino Jag’s “Play That Funky Music” EP and discover why it became a playlist favorite on radio stations all around the world!

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